onsdag 28 juli 2010

Scheref is gone!

Osjan's and Derafsch' old friend is gone! Scheref as well as Derafsch came from Bokan in Iran. Both were imported to Germany by Cyrus Sattarzadeh, knl von Iransamin. When Eva Quirbach, a photographer moved back to Sweden 2001, he came to live with her.

Yesterday Scheref was put to sleep surrounded by his family. He was very tired and in bad health due to a tumour in his lungs. His family and friends as well as his companion Ravan von Iransamin will certainly miss him a lot. He had a gentle manner and was an outstanding stunning male with lots of carisma.

Scheref had some nice achievements in lure coursing. He also sired a lovely litter out of Dar el Hindiyas Jaliya al Garamiya. The most outstanding of his offspring is Garamiyas Ghadwa living with Renée Devaux, knl Sharaf-al-bait in Switzerland.

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