fredag 20 februari 2009

Osjan has newborn grgrandchildren in USA and Germany

Osjan von Iransamin, our lovely grand old lady, will celebrate her thirteenth birthday in May. She was bred by Cyrus Sattarzadeh, knl von Iransamin in Hamburg, Germany out of his Iranian imports Arash von Iransamin and Sagi az Miandoab. Before Osjan came to live with us at Dar el Hindiya, she had 8 gorgeous puppies, the famous P-litter von Iransamin. The four bitches have all offspring, Pary at knl Dawidan's, Pervin at knl El Hor Laaman, Perschad Zyba at knl El Hor al Jawf and Perysa at knl von Iransamin before she went to Qatar. Perysa's son Rasho von Iransamin has sired two litters in USA, the last at knl El Riyah and her daughter Sadaf von Iransamin got her second litter sired by the Iranian import Sabuk, at knl Fardous El Arab in Germany. All together in three generations, there are incredibly 150 of Osjan's offspring spread around the world. All the litters were complete outcrosses except for Perschad Zyba's and Sardascht's litters as both litterbrothers Arash and Sahand von Iransamin appear once in the pedigrees.

Later this year Osjan will be grandmother once again, as her black beautiful daughter, Dar el Hindiyas Amira will be mated to her gorgeous playmate Bericas Bedar Majan at knl Yuzak in Finland.

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